原产于东南亚, roof rats get their name from their love of climbing and living in high buildings. Ranging from six to eight inches in length, 不包括尾巴, roof rats are colorblind and have very poor vision. They do, however, have extremely strong senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Color 黑色的
大小 16" total (6-8" body plus 6-8" tail)


Smaller in size and with longer tails than Norway rats, roof rats are well adapted for climbing vines, 电线和狭窄的壁架. 忧心忡忡的, smooth-furred and not well adapted to cooler temperatures, roof rats are often mistaken for house mice.

虽然他们可能很可爱, these critters can cause major damage by chewing on housing materials and eating stored foods. In late fall, roof rats seek out warm nesting sites like the upper levels of your home or garage. Becoming sexually mature in a matter of months, roof rats typically have five to eight pups per litter and four to six litters per year.

Though they will eat meat and grain, these adorable beasties love to feed on fresh fruit, 植物材料, 坚果, 种子, 蔬菜, 树皮,甚至鸟食. 


屋顶的老鼠 are most active between dawn and dusk, which is most likely when they will be heard if you have an infestation. Capable of squeezing into spaces smaller than half an inch, these nocturnal critters love to nest in trees, 阁楼, 屋顶线条和天花板, as they prefer living more than four feet off the ground where they build leafy nests for their young. 


众所周知,很难根除, roof rats secured their place in history by spreading the bubonic plague that decimated Europe in the Middle Ages.

Still to this day they pose some threats to humans. Besides being carriers of ectoparasites, these cute little purveyors of mayhem also love chewing on wires in your home or car and will gnaw on nearly anything to keep their incisors from growing.

They can cause structural damage by undermining the foundations of buildings, 道路, 和人行道, and have been known to chew through 塑料 and lead pipes, 门框上, 室内装潢和电线.

How to Prevent a Roof Rat Infestation

To prevent rats from entering your home, seal up any holes or cracks larger than a quarter.

打造一个理想的家, 屋顶鼠需要食物, 水, 还有一个舒适的筑巢地点, 所以清理木堆吧, rake up fallen vegetation and fruit and do not leave pet food or 水 outside, 特别是在一夜之间.

Keep garbage cans tightly secured, 将散装食品密封储存, 塑料 containers and check for sources of standing 水, since roof rats need an ounce of 水 a day.

Since roof rats may enter your home through ill-fitting doors, 窗户, 筛网和通风口, 用填充物密封任何开口, 木头和网, and secure floor drains and sewer pipes with tight-fitting grates.

Signs of a Roof Rat Infestation

Look for signs of hollowed-out fruits, capsule-shaped droppings about ¼ to ½-inch in length, gnaw marks on your home or trees, 油渍和尿渍, live or dead rats or rodent odors.

Check insulation for nesting sites, inspect exposed wiring for gnaw marks and listen for the sounds of rats running or digging inside walls, 阁楼, 车库或烟囱. 他们可能很可爱, but these tenacious critters can chew through wood, 塑料, 铝墙板, 石膏板,甚至软金属.


Before the weather gets too cold, seal your home by covering any holes larger than a quarter-inch with steel mesh or cement, and seal up and repair air vents.

Remove sources of standing 水, 无论多小, 包括植物碟子, 饮水器, 鸟盆和漏水的水龙头.


Once you find their preferred routes, place bait and live traps along these highly traveled pathways. Bait your traps with peanut butter or cat food and place the trap in a shoebox with a small hole cut in the side.

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